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Wanaka Tiny House Factory

Owned by Thomas Schattovits, Wanaka Tiny House Factory works with you to design the most thoughtful, creative, and beautiful expression of your ideal home. They can create a custom design with you, or you can bring in a design of your own.

Born in Austria, Thomas moved to New Zealand in the ’90s to work as an alpine mountain guide at Mt. Cook. He has 25+ years of residential construction experience in Australia and New Zealand including residential flats in Sydney, luxury homes in Wanaka, and developing a prefabrication method for straw bale panels. Thomas loves working with recycled building materials, especially NZ native timbers.

"One of most common misconceptions that people have about tiny homes are that they are cheap in price & quality" says Thomas. That is definitely not the case, as we toured around one of his homes. Starting at around $200K, it does not skimp on quality of build or finishes, and perhaps the most surprising of all was that the home felt spacious. "We use every inch of space to ensure we get the most out of our design for storage."

Since partnering with Shaye's Tiny Homes in Jan 2021, business has been booming. "We are seeing all sorts of people enquiring about tiny homes. Downsizers, younger people or people just looking at creating Airbnb options."

"Sometimes people want to undertake a tiny home build themselves to keep costs low or use a lot of recycled material". In these situations, Thomas offers a consulting service as he is very passionate about affordable housing and wants to ensure that if people are undertaking the work themselves, they are doing it the right way.

Does the idea of a tiny home intrigue you? The possibilities are endless. Give Thomas and his team a call about how they can help you achieve your ideal tiny home:

Ph+64 21 0279 1516

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