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  • Dr Thorsk Westphal

Snap Fitness Wanaka

A new year and a new you. How often have you made a New Years' Resolution only to utterly fail 2 weeks later? No matter what your resolution, there is a saying that has always stuck with me when it comes to fitness: "People often overestimate what they can achieve in one month and underestimate what they can achieve in one year". It's a bit of a twist on Bill Gate's original quote.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Chuck Simpson the club manager from Snap Fitness in Wanaka. Chuck hails from Pennsylvania, USA. He moved to Wanaka at the end of 2018 with his wife Bianca (an ex Olympian) and daughter. Chuck is an avid cyclist and has toured all through the US, France & Italy.

Chuck loves helping people achieve their fitness goals. Both Chuck and his wife have spent almost 20 years training junior athletes into Division 1 universities in America, so it's no surprise that Snap Fitness Wanaka also sponsors local athletes.

"If someone is deciding to make exercise a part of their life they need to go slow" says Chuck. "I have seen so many people come in with good intentions but they overdo it and burn themselves out and/or injure themselves. Keep your goals small; commit to going to the gym 1x per week for a month until you get used to it. Walking is also something most people can do and the benefits of walking have been well documented. In countries where the population has the lowest BMI, they also take the most steps daily".

Joining a gym can be very intimidating. Drop all the preconceived ideas you might have about going to the gym, be brave and go in and talk Chuck and his team about how they can help you safely achieve your fitness goals and enjoy a better, healthier 2022.



5/1 Sir Tim Wallis Drive - T: +64 0210 856 6026 Open 24hrs

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