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  • Shareen Shah


Once you have decided to sell your house choosing the combination of agency and salesperson can be daunting, as it’s not easy.

Do you choose an agency that claims to sell the most properties? OR do you choose the salesperson with the most 'awards'? What about all the others - are they not good?

3 Tips to Help You Decide

1) Work out what is most important to you in this sales process. Is it to have a no- hassle experience, or do you prefer constant communication? Do you want an agency that is experienced in creating a bidding war for your property or do you prefer a quieter sales process? Knowing what you need and want out of this experience will help you assess the agency and salesperson within the right context.

2) Understand the tools and support an agency has to put behind your property. Some agencies are more developed & savvier than others when it comes to marketing your property, so ask the questions? Remember there is a difference between marketing and advertising so make sure your salesperson can communicate what marketing approach would be appropriate for your property based on the relevant target market.

3) Should you choose the salesperson who has the most awards?…Not necessarily:

a) How do you choose a doctor, dentist or even a friend? Choose the salesperson that you connect with the most. You are dealing with a serious transaction which will be stressful, so you need to assess the salesperson’s likely dedication to you and your property. You need to connect as you will need to work closely with them to get what you want.

b) Assess whether the salesperson is associated with a highly trusted real estate brand. If yes, you will always have the support of the entire brand and company depth of experience behind your property, and that matters, especially should you come up with unexpected complications.

Choose the salesperson you connect with the most and the one you feel will be the most dedicated to your property. Awards and having the most sales or listings are NOT as important as making sure the salesperson you work with is focused on you and has the backing of a well-known, trusted agency brand as you'll always be in safe hands.

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